Hope Through Cancer
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"Hope Through Cancer" Oil Paintings On Canvas

"Original Oil Paintings" by Claude Jacques, a French Canadian Artist inspired by cancer. 
All the different paintings have a reason why they were chosen. When facing mortality, reality sets in and brings out the true facts and joys of life. Everything is seen in a better perspective. These  paintings are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity, along with the story behind it. The stage 3C Cancer diagnosed in his wife, inspired them to reach out to others that were on the same journey in life. The ultimate Painting "Hope Through Cancer" is in the making and prints will be available on this page. The net profits from the sale of paintings and prints go to cancer survivors, with the intent of encouraging and offering HOPE to those on the journey. We provide gifts, books, prints, and arts and crafts, and gift baskets to these survivors. Please join us through prayer and support.

This painting brings out the simple things in life that deserves our utmost attention that we take for granted to often. When going through cancer and treatments, food doesn't even taste good, nor do you have much of an appetite to even want any. We need the light of understanding represented by the candle. Often times hardship is the only way to learn the greatest lessons that life has to offer to appreciate the most out of life.
This painting would never exist if it wasn't for cancer and what it inspired me to do. This painting can be bought with or without a frame. The demensions are 16" X 20" painted on stretched canvas  board.  This is not a print. This is oil paint on canvas. 

 Price $125.00    

Framed $200.00 shipping included
Candle Grapes And Orange
Candle And Pear
"Candle and Pear" a painting inspired by cancer.
This Fall season painting, reminds us of the good things that are available to us in our life time. Cancer reminds us  that everything in life is precious and is to be appreciated. Light (represented by the candle) reveals what is out there for us to enjoy. We need to be enlightened on our journey of life.
This painting on canvas board is 16" X 20"  and signed by the artist
Shipping Included in USA

                                      Price $125.00 

Painting with frame  $200.00   
Frame is 29" X 25"
"Grateful Hands In Times Of Hardship" Original Oil Painting 
This painting is one inspired by cancer. 
This painting is based on Psalms 103: 3 It says" Bless the Lord Oh my soul, and forget not all His benefits!"
The person thankful in the picture doesn't seem to have much, but has MUCH to be grateful for!  My Wife got ovarian 3C cancer and our lives have been turned around. We realize that we have much to be grateful for. We want to encourage any out there that thinks negative about what has happened to them. Actually, facing cancer or facing death makes us appreciate the small but precious things of life. Life becomes so much more real and precious. The original oil painting was donated to a Canadian church, in Quebec, but prints are available in the following sizes; on Enhanced Matte paper
Color: Excellent , Reflectivity: low (Usually no problem from glare in any lighting)
Thickness: 12 mils  Estimated time for 1st detectable fading, indoors: 100+ years

5 X 7 inches in a beautiful  aluminum frame 7 1/4 X 9 1/4 inches, to hang on walls or night tables, flat surfaces. signed and numbered.  Our best  special! Shipping included! $24.95
Prints  7 X 5 inch  = $11.95
          10 X 8 inch  = $15.95
          14 X 11 inch= $19.95
          20 X 16 inch= $29.95
Prints + Framed                                                               
          7 X 5 with frame 7 1/4 X 9 1/4 inches =  $24.95
        10 X 8 with frame 12 X 15 inches........ =  $44.95
        14 X 11 with frame 15 3/4 X 18 3/4.......=  $89.95
        20 X 16 with frame  23 X 19 inches..... = $119.95
Prints + Matte + Framed
        10 X 8   total dimensions 18 3/4 X 15 3/4..... =  $89.95
        20 x 16 total dimensions 29 X 25 inches..... =$149.95

"Grateful Hands In Times Of Hardship"
Net proceeds go towards gifts to cancer survivors.
Print 7 X 5 Framed 7 1/4 X 9 1/4
Print  10 X 8 Matte + Framed 18 3/4 X 15 3/4 inches
Print 11 X 14 Framed 15 3/4  X 18 3/4 inches
Grateful Hands/Hardship
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Candle And Pear
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Candle And Pear
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